On 11 January 1987, Dijkstra wrote his one thousandth EWD. At the end of that EWD, Dijkstra made an important request:

Would everybody — and this time I really mean everybody — who sees this text be so kind as to inform me that he or she has seen it? A postcard stating name (and affiliation) suffices.

Dijkstra subsequently received several postcards and put them in a separate map which I now have in my possession. During the coming months, I will make the names of the postcards' senders publically available below. They are historically valuable because they help us grasp the extent of Dijkstra's influence.

Congratulations from Hilversum

A letter in Dutch from Evert R. Sluiter, congratulating Dijkstra with his one thousandth EWD. Sluiter also mentioned that he received the EWDs from two people, one of them being Jan van der Snepsheut (University of Groningen), the other being a colleague at `AT&T en Philips Telecommunicatie'.


Congratulations from Nijmegen.

Professor R.T. Boute from the K.U. Nijmegen congratulated Dijkstra.


Jinan University, Guangzhou China

A letter from Jinan University, stating:

Dear professor Dijkstra,
I am delighted to tell you that I have seen your EWD 1000, "Twenty-eight years". Some [of] your EWDS have been included in my lectures. Your articles do help me much. I feel honoured if I can get your new EWDs.


Philips Eindhoven

A postcard from Computer Aided Design for VLSI Systems,
Philips Research Laboratories Eindhoven



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