Trip to Marktoberdorf, Summer 1981


26 July -- 10 August, 1981

The theme of the International Summer School in Marktoberdorf was "Theoretical Foundations of Programming Methodology". The general pattern of the day was: two lectures — a break — two lectures — lunch — two lectures — break — discussion.

In his trip report, Dijkstra listed several speakers from that summer school:

  • Tony Hoare talked about the theory of Communicating Sequential Processes
  • Joe Stoy (replacing Dana Scott) talked about Scott's work
  • Joe Morris: aliasing
  • Rod Burstall: Specification Languages and Categorical Programming
  • Zohar Manna: Program Synthesis and Temporal Logic
  • Sharon Sickel: logic programming (i.e. the use of Horn Clauses as a programming method)
  • Maurice Nivat
  • Bruno Courcelle 
  • Manfred Wirsing
  • Manfred Broy
  • Edsger W. Dijkstra: smooth sort, generalized philosophers

Source: EWD799